Analytics & Advertising


Web analytics involves the process of the collection, measurement, and analysis of user activity on a website to understand and help achieve the intended objective of the website. The objective is usually one or a combination of: * Increased revenue * Lower cost * Improved customer service/experience

There are a few different channels that consumers use to find you in the digital world:

* Organic * Traffic from users who land on your page from clicking a listed link on a search engine results page that was listed naturally – someone did not pay to get the result in high ranking.

* Paid * Traffic from search engine results that is the result of paid advertising via Google Adwords or another paid search platform.

* Direct * Traffic that has come to your site by either typing in your URL in their address bar or clicking on a bookmark. In general, this indicates visits where users navigate directly to the URL or the source of the visit is unknown.

* Referral * Traffic that has come from another site to your site, not relating to traffic coming from a search engine. * Examples might include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any site/domain not owned by you.

Great Eye has develop key strategies to optimize and market search engines, use of Adwords, bing, display ads, and social media to maximize every dollar returned over investment.

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